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Putting this here for the sake of maintaining a portfolio: my first big feature on another site came out today. It’s an essay about the dating sim Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, published over at ZEAL, which is easily one of my favourite sources for interesting writing. I’m really proud … Continue reading

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Doves, Dating, and Deconstruction: Hatoful Boyfriend as Critique of Romance Games

Most of what’s been written about infamous pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend deals with the fundamental bait-and-switch of the game’s entire premise, namely the way in which it establishes itself as a jokey romance game and ultimately winds up as more of … Continue reading

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Game Design and Taking Romance Beyond the Transactional

“Romance in games is inherently transactional,” a friend told me once, “but isn’t everything? It’s just a limitation of the format.” That was six months ago, and I’ve been mulling it over since. As optimistic as it might seem, I … Continue reading

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