My name’s Gaby, and I’m a uni student living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently a student in the field of screen studies, but I spent a year studying game design, and that tends to inform the way I think about games. Like everybody else on the internet, I’m also writing a novel; I tend to bounce between projects a lot, but I think I’ve finally settled into a niche of weird bureaucratic urban fantasy with too much dialogue.

This blog started off as a place to keep myself writing regularly on whatever topic struck me, but wound up mutating into a collection of my critical thoughts on gaming. I like thinking about video games because I like playing video games, and there really is no such thing as mindless entertainment in a medium which is inherently interactive. My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid 2, but this actually isn’t very indicative of my wider tastes; I like games which explore player agency, and I’ll play almost anything if it’s well-designed, but a major interest of mine is the way games portray people and their relationships. This means I tend to gravitate towards romance games or those with romantic subplots – both of which can, unfortunately, be somewhat hard to find – as they tend to feature the most genuine explorations of characters and their dynamics. Other genres I enjoy include visual novels and character action, neither of which are especially known for generating masses of insightful analysis, and RPGs, which only tend to get talked about if they’re massive triple-A things.

Fortunately, this gives me a lot of room to write without fear of treading on anyone else’s toes. In the end, my general creed can be summed up pretty simply: I like thoughtful discussions of games which pass on things worth saying.

If you want to contact me, shoot an email to gaby [at] puellaexmachina.com. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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