A Coda on Anders

I’m really, really late on this because my life got really busy, but last month an article of mine was published in the wonderful Electro Bureau. It’s a discussion of Dragon Age 2, focusing on how the relationship between Hawke and Anders helped me to shed the last of my baggage over an abusive relationship. (Content warning for emotional abuse by a partner, so tread carefully!) I think this is probably the last I’ll write about this game, because this piece was pretty cathartic in a lot of ways, and I’m about as proud of it as you’d expect.

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One Response to A Coda on Anders

  1. zwidget says:

    Wow, that was an incredibly powerful article. I’m glad I came across it! DA2 is one of my all time favorite games, period, flaws and all. Anders was by far the most interesting party character for me. I deal with manic depression irl, so he struck a powerful cord with me.


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